Two-day seminar “The Art of Investments”

On 30 – 31 May, in the Turandot Restaurant, the International School of Etiquette, with support of Maison Dellos, held the seminar on ethics. The theme for this seminar was chosen as the Art of Investing in Jewelry Adornments.

On 30 May, Mark Evans and Omar Vaja appeared before course participants as representatives of Bentley & Skinner, a unique company that for many years has been authorized to work with the Royal Family in UK. Together with trainers, participants made a fascinating trip into the history of precious metals and stones and the mechanics of working with them. They learned that in any stone one must assess the depth of the color; they also penetrated the tragedy of the natural gem, which has significantly lost its value in connection with the rise of methods to generate them artificially.

The young women were also introduced to several of the brightest representatives of the jewelry collection of the Royal Family of Great Britain, and learned to their surprise that in recent decades the royal collection has not been increasing with new stones; all products are being made using stones already at hand that have a rich history.

There was also mention of modern art with its sometimes shocking displays. It turns out that Bentley & Skinner themselves helped the world-renowned modern artist Damian Hurst in creating his diamond skull. However varied the spheres of activity and interests of those people turn out to be, they are united by one thing—a passion for beauty and jewelry adornments!

The second day of the seminar was opened by Andrea Buccellati from the well known Italian jewelry house of Buccellati. Andrea related to the guests the story of his house and its traditions, carefully preserved and passed on without change from generation to generation. As examples of products from the jewelry house of Buccellati, Andrea explained that the cost of source materials is far from determining the price of a product. In recent times a far more important element affecting the price and value of a product has been its frame and the quality of development of details and, of course, the unique style of a product, in which the special hallmark of a given jewelry house must be recognized.

Anna Jackson-Stevens, Chief Editor at the Coast magazine, completed the seminar program. Known for her love of holding functions and ability to entertain guests elegantly, Anna shared with the young women the secrets of the art of “small talk”. Advice and practical methods, underpinned by a multitude of fascinating examples from Anna’s life, let the young women easily immerse themselves in that complicated subject and glean for themselves many truly priceless pieces of information!


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