"Etiquette of the 21st Century with Diana Mather"

On 1 February, 2012 the International School of Etiquette (ISE) officially opened its doors—the first international school of social etiquette and protocol in Moscow, created by  Yevgenia Dellos (Maison Dellos) and Larisa Evans. 

For its first students, the ISE, together with its partners Maison Dellos and Art of Living, prepared a fascinating two-day seminar on ethics for the 21st century, under the leadership of Diana Mather, a recognized expert in etiquette and international protocol, diplomatic consultant, author of several books on creating a positive image. Diana comes from the aristocratic family of Edward Weissmüller von Vimis (a representative at the court of Saint James Palace), and international protocol, etiquette, and impeccable manners have been an integral part of her life since an early age. Ms. Mather has 20 years of experience working with wives of diplomats from Europe and UK and often takes part in TV and radio broadcasts as one of the best world consultants in the field of manners and etiquette.

“Good manners are always timeless; they are priceless and adorn everyone. It is just for that reason that everyone should have them!” Diana Mather

The seminar program consisted of two parts and offered the greatest combination possible of theoretical foundations and practical tasks, allowing participants to assimilate the newly learned knowledge immediately.

On the first day of the seminar, participants became acquainted with the traditions of classical English tea drinking and found out how to maintain correct posture and elegantly gesture and move about, and how to organize a cocktail party and other entertainments for guests, including the protocol for royal functions.

On the second day, Diana Mather revealed to the young ladies the secrets of a relaxed conversation in any surroundings and the art of giving and receiving gifts. Participants learned how to serve a table and how to work with unfamiliar table accoutrements and unaccustomed food, as well as how to exit from embarrassing situations at the table. Diana also led the participants in how to recognize the type of actions that people do and where they fit in aristocratic circles: it turns out that it is possible to discern such things even from how one holds eating utensils and salts one’s food!

The function took place in the refined atmosphere of the Parade Hall of the Turandot Restaurant. The sparkling finale of the seminar was a grandiose dinner composed on the basis of a menu from Buckingham Palace. At the dinner, participants received international certificates along with some final pointers from Diana Mather and, under her clear guidance, applied all their new knowledge for the first time.


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