An important event takes place in the ISE. Larissa Evans, the founder and co-owner of ISE, became now apracticing coach on etiquette. In the summer of 2013 Larisa was trained in one of the basic etiquette of British schools “The English Manner” and received the certificate of the polishing program & social skills trainer. Thus, the school ISE became the official representative of the school The English Manner in Russia and the CIS.

The selection criteria of coaches included the knowledge of the game of croquet and bridge, ballroom ceremony, English literature and the ability to ride a horse. In addition, besides this and the educational programon etiquette, it was necessary to pass an exam to become certified trainer.

Now Larisa herself holds seminars on etiquette, where she talks about such important and interesting topics as social etiquette, the art of greeting and behavior in the various secular events, the ability to be a master and be a guest, perfect table manners, business etiquette, dress code etc. Larisa gives also classes on etiquette for children "Fundamentals of British etiquette for young ladies and gentlemen".

There are both group and individual workshops. Classes are held in the restaurant "Turandot" and "Casta Diva", and Larisa can come to you.

To sign up for a seminar contact us via e-mail or telephone number listed on our site.


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