On 14 and 15th December the International School of Etiquette and Art de Vivre (International School of Etiquette, ISE) conductsseminars on etiquette for children in the restaurant "Turandot".

Seminars are held by Larissa Evans and Darel Seeger.


Larissa Evans is a founder, co-owner of ISE and practicing coach on etiquette. Larissa was trained in one of the main British schools of etiquette “The English Manner” and received a certificate of the polishing program & social skills trainer.

Darel Seeger is Englishman, lives in Moscow for 4 years. Darel graduated from the British Kings College, studied at the University of Leeds, has a PGCE in teaching, also diplomas in psychology and coaching skills from ICF (International Federation of Trainers). Darel has worked for many years with children in the education sector in the UK.

On the children's seminars in "Turandot" Darel and Larissa in playful form will tell children about the art of being a guest and a host, how to shake hands properly, sit, move, about good manners at the table, they will also hold a short practical master class on good manners at the table.

The price is 1,500 rubles for a child.

14th and 15th December, 16.00, restaurant "Turandot"

Address: 26 \ 5 Tverskoy Bulvar


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