In spring, we want new, unknown experiences and miracles; the best way to get it is an unusual journey. ISE represents an excellent travel program in France on April 10-13th. As always, traditional entertainment of high society like hunting, picnics, high-society dinners, dinners with the dress code of black tie, hiking in the opera as well as a visit to the castles of the local nobility are waiting for you: the doors of old noble estates will be opened especially for us, the entrance to which is forbidden not only for tourists, but generally for all strangers. We will live in a beautiful old castle Mauviers, near Versailles, and gracious hostess is our incomparable Countess de Tilly, she will be our guide to the world of French aristocracy. In France there are left about 20 families of true aristocrats - those whose generation is rooted in the deep Middle Ages. All days we will closely communicate with these families - the Marquis and Marquise de Breteuil, the Count and Countess de Brias, the Marquis and Marquise de Sade, the Count and Countess de Tilly, Baron Rey ... The journey promises to be more than interesting, informative and unusual. Upon request, the program can include courses on etiquette. Group is up to 10 people.


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