To live in a beautiful old castle Mauviers surrounded by secular parks, to have breakfast in the society of the Countess de Tilly, to have lunch with the Count de Brias, to have dinner, chatting with Marquis de Sade sitting next, and then to hunt alongside Baron de Rey, also to arrange fun picnic with him and in the evening to listen to the opera in Versailles with the Marquis de Breteuil ... and then to dress up as a queen in a long dress and elegant luxury jewelry - according to the dress code of black tie - and to go for a magnificent gala dinner with all the aristocrats.

It sounds like a fairy tale, you see. But this isn’t a fairy tale, it’s a true story, and you can take part in travel program, which is organized by the ISE in France from 9 to 12 of October, in the castles of the neighborhood of Versailles. All days of the long weekend we will be surrounded by old French luxury and society of true French aristocrats whose families go back generations. To make trip both bright, interesting and useful, every day the Countess de Tilly will hold seminars on etiquette for us - so ISE visitors will get not only a lot of experience, entertainment and unforgettable memories, but also valuable knowledge.

If you would like to spend this 4 magical days with the ISE in the country of the perfectly preserved antiquity, this aristocratic values, special refinement, good taste, fine wines and high gastronomy, please join the program of ISE, we will be very happy!

It’s better to decide in advance as the group consists of only 10 participants.


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