Seminar on French etiquette for children

December 13th, 16:00

Restaurant "Turandot"

For the first time the International School of Etiquette holds a seminar on French etiquette for children. Coaches are Earl Donatyan de Rochambeau and Larissa Evans. At the workshop the children will talk about how little French behave in society, which rules of behavior they follow, how to say hello, goodbye and thank you, how to communicate with parents. “Host and guest” will get to know how to welcome guests and to be a guest, how to present and receive gifts. Then, during a delicious dinner, Donatyan and Larissa will teach children table manners like how to eat in correct manner, keep the devices, a glass, and a cup, how to sit, or whether it is possible to get off the table, what should be discussed during the meal.

If you want your kids felt always welcomed in France and never get into trouble and misfortunes this workshop is for you!


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