French weekend with Countess Marie de Tilly

November 16-18, 2012

Franceis one of the homelands of ‘classical etiquette’. The concept ‘etiquette’ itself is French, and it originated during the time of Louis the Fourteenth.

The first international school of etiquette and manners of Art de Vivre in Moscow, International School of Etiquette, together with Maison Dellos and ‘French Touch’ studio of etiquette and sophisticate manners, represented by Countess Marie de Tilly, made an unforgettable trip through the sumptuous world of French etiquette steeped in aristocratic and Bohemian chic!

Within the frame of this program the doors of the best aristocratic families of France, usually tightly closed, were opened before the students of the International School of Etiquette and revealed secrets of practice and traditions of the best aristocratic families to them, and secrets of noble hunting! 

ISE would like to thank all program participants! We are sure, that in the soonest possible time this wonderful trip can be repeated. Follow update of the ‘News’ category!


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