Russian Historical and Practical Etiquette

9 - 11 October 2012
The revival of Russian etiquette is one of the key goals of the International School of Etiquette.  We believe that every society is deserving of its own traditions of etiquette that take into account all national traits and making it possible for members of that society to get practical recommendations on how to behave in this or that situation.  

It is just for that reason that ISE, together with the best Russian specialists in the field of etiquette, as well as with descendants of Russian aristocratic society, have developed for their audiences the unique author’s program, “Russian Historical and Practical Etiquette”.

The leader of the course is Tatyana Belousova-Izmaylova, a representative of one of the oldest Russian noble families, a practicing consultant in business etiquette and protocol, psychologist, and author of books in the field of etiquette and image.

During the course participants became familiar with the rules and norms of etiquette that were accepted in prerevolutionary Russia and understood what those rules were based on and how they evolved under the rules of Peter I and Nikolai II, during Soviet rule, and, finally, in modern Russia.  The course also covered:

  • The rules for greeting, presentation, and getting acquainted;
  • The art of high society conversation;
  • The role of the hostess at all stages of preparing and holding a high society reception: from preparing invitations to seating of guests at tables and programs of entertainment;
  • Historical Russian traditions for table appointments and behavior for ladies and gentlemen;
  • And, of course, a multitude of practical occupations, refined suppers à la russe, and much more!

Acquiring the habits will allow participants to apply the rules of Russian etiquette with ease and to combine them with virtuosity with international norms, for example, in order to prepare a refined reception in the traditions of the Russian nobility of the 19th century for honored foreign guests!












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