Trip to the World of Porcelain

The guide to this wonderful secret world was Marina Vladimirovna Dubrovskaya, an actress of S. Stein Drama Theater, script writer, playwright, collector and expert in the antique. Together with Marina Vladimirovna the participants: 

  • Got acquainted with the history of porcelain, from the Tsar tables to the time of revolutionaries. They learned about foundation of porcelain manufactures in Europe and Russia under auspice of royal persons and high-ranking persons (through the example of manufactures of Meissen, Sevres, Vienna, Nimphenburg, Berlin, Denmark, Royal Porcelain Manufacture, leading private porcelain manufactures in Russia, particularly factories of Gardner, Popov, Batenin, Kornilov brothers, etc.);
  • Observed the influence of other arts on porcelain, namely plastic arts, painting, graphics, literature, music, etc.;
  • Got a unique possibility to virtually visit exclusive porcelain storerooms of leading museums of the world;
  • Discovered the most interesting fates of collections and outstanding Russian collectors of the past and present;
  • And, last but not least, learned, how to invest properly in works called ‘Fragile’, thin, fine, beautiful, interior and rare collectors’ porcelain!


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