Liz Brewer: English etiquette and art of hospitality

Liz Brewer has dedicated her entire life to teaching and consulting on such issues as self-improvement and development of self-presentation skills, high art of hospitality, and general rules of behavior and etiquette of the 21st century. 

Author of a bestselling book “Ultimate Guide to Party Planning & Etiquette”, Liz is, beyond all doubt, has succeeded in her activities and became one of the most famous and internationally recognized experts in the area of hospitality and event management at the highest level. Here customers have been and are Ivana Trump, Shirley Bassey, Richard Branson, astronaut Buzz Aldrin and many others, and many international companies, charity funds and even states. 

Her unique knowledge and skills in the area of Etiquette and rules of behavior are successfully used not only in individual consultations and workshops, but also on TV as part of the globally known show “Ladette to Lady”, where Liz acts as a judge in the area of following the rules of etiquette.

For many years and up to now, Liz has been directing all her professional effort and knowledge to assist others in adopting her skills that can effectively help any person in promotion and development in the modern highly competent world.  

Within the frame of the workshop for ISE that will be held on February 6-7,2013, inthe state room of ‘Turandot’ restaurant, using her own methods Liz Brewer will tell the participants secrets of planning of an ideal event at each stage of its arrangement: 

  • Finding an idea and subject matter of décor;
  • Development of a guests’ list, menu and seating plan;
  • Choosing variants of guest entertainment;
  • And, of course, rules of behavior as a hostess and guest, and many other secrets! 

Cost of participation: 1000 Euro 

Timing: 3.00 – 9.00 p.m. 

Number of participants: 18 

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