Travel program in Le chateau de Voisins

ISE invites you to a special trip to old French estates located nearVersailles. 

During the entire trip our home will be the picturesque Voisins, a classical castle with centuries-long history. 

Around it there is a prim garden with scented plants, fountains and fine statues, verdant fields, thick woods and rapid river. Sweet fresh air, stillness, peace and feeling of some other planet. 

Hospitable Count and Countess de Tilly, Count and Countess de Ferse, Marquise and Marquess de Sade are waiting for us there. They will be our guides, friends and companions. 

They will tell and show us contemporary life of a true French aristocrat. 

We will visit several old castles nearVersailles. In each castle a hospitable principal will meet us, who will open the doors of his estate especially for us. 


May 30, 2013 – Arrival, dinner at Voisins castle. 

May 31, 2013 – trip to castle Breteuil, dinner party, in the evening – Royal opera in famousVersailles (opera “Alexander” by Handel – first night inFrance).

June 1, 2013 – trip to castle Rambouillet, picnic, in the evening – noble party at Voisins. 

June 2, 2013 – farewell breakfast at Voisins, trip toParis, return home. 

We recommend you to take stunning dresses, exquisite jewelry and glittering diamonds with you, because major dress code of this trip is black tie. And, of course, at least one comfortable set of clothes for a picnic. 


Number of guests: only 10, so, please, make a prompt reservation!

For all questions, requests and comments, please, call  +7 (926) 911-11-92

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