Master classes of the International School of Etiquette “British etiquette for young ladies and gentlemen” at ‘Vremena goda’ Gallery

The International School of Etiquette and Art de Vivre (International School of Etiquette, ISE), Jamilco and ‘Vremena goda’ Gallery arranged master classes for children for members of the children VIP club of ‘Vremena goda’ Gallery at the restaurant “Oblaka”.

ISE key coach Diana Mather held master classes called “British etiquette for young ladies and gentlemen”. 

We would like to remind you that Diana Mather is an acknowledged expert of children etiquette and a permanent advisor of English high society,USpolitical and secular elite, and royal families in the Arab Emirates. Diana comes from an old English family. She knows everything on rules of communication in various situations, conventional manners and norms of behavior in the European high society, and transfers her knowledge to children with mastership of a true teacher. 

During her master classes at ‘Vremena goda’, Diana told her young students about the basics of etiquette, i.e. a correct handshake and greeting, walk and movements, ideal manners at table and table setting, and, certainly, appearance, clothes and dress code. During the lunch children practiced correct behavior at dinner. 

Diana’s telling about dress code was accompanied by a defile, where models were showing ideal combinations of clothes for various events (breakfast with friends, party, horseracing, social party, etc.), using collections of Sonia Rykiel, Sonia Rykiel Kids, Escada Sport, and Juicy Couture. Using Chaumet brand Diana told, how one should give and receive presents, and what jewelry it is appropriate to present to girls and even to boys. 

Every young participant of the master class received a certificate of completion of a course in etiquette for little ladies and gentlemen. 


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